Are you searching for endless mountain twisties?
Aztec Motorcycle Tours has found some of the best motorcycle riding in Mexico and
put it together with a guide service that will leave you changed for life!  Imagine 6
hours, 210 miles and over 1300 curves.  With an ascent to 9800 feet in the first 105
miles and a descent to sea level over the next 105 miles the math is sending your
heart pounding- curves that fill regular motorists with dread are a biker's paradise!
1st rate comfort you come to expect from a U.S. guide service!
We book you in NICE hotels and restaurants.  We have 15 years experience traveling
in Mexico and we put it to good use making sure your rest and relaxation is as good
as the riding!
We host tours to different parts of Mexico during the time of year
which maximizes the enjoyment of each trip as follows:
Laredo to Mazatlan 1500 miles round trip April-September.
Nuevo Leon dual sport ride 500 miles round trip October-November.
Veracruz dual sport ride 1000 miles round trip January-February.
Call 956.286.2270 for more details!
All trips do not include a support truck!  If a support truck is desired it is an additional
$500.00 per ride group.  Trip fee is per rider not including passengers.  Meals and
lodging are included.  Not included are fuel, tolls, Mexican insurance, tourist card,
vehicle permit and desired entertainment.
Aztec Motorcycle Tours
Experience Mexico while riding on your motorcycle!
The Best Motorcycle Riding in Mexico
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